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    MOS-6103  100MHz CRT oscilloscope readout type




    ?         100MHz Bandwidth,Dua1 Channe1,De1ayed Sweep

    ?         10 Sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Save   Recall

    ?         Time Base Auto-range

    ?         Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements

    ?         Panel Setup Lock of Digital-Control Functions

    ?         Buzzer Alarm

    ?         LED Indicators

    ?         TV Synchronization

    ?         Trigger Signal Output

    ?         Z-Axis Modulation Input

    ?         SMD Technology, High Stability and Reliability

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    Rise time
    Vertical sensitivity
    The highest sensitivity
    Scan time
    100MHz 3.5nS 5V/DIV-2mV/DIV 2mV/DIV 50nS~0.5S/DIV
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